Rick OClair, Powell Ohio 

Class A Motor Coach was leaking. They came out repaired the leak and coated the roof taking care of my problem. Professional, cleaned up and gave us a reasonable price that was affordable

                                    Randall Smith, New Castle Indiana.

I had a soft roof and slide out leaking. They replaced the wood on the roof and rubber on the slide out and coated it with a permanent roof. Problem solved. We are very happy with the awesome job they did. Saved my RV from further damage,

                                Larry & Pam Wright, Williamsburg Ohio 

We had a tree damage our roof and didn't know it until the damage was widespread. They had to repair an eight foot section of the roof. They did a great job. Worked with our insurance company and helped us get the claim paid. Happy Happy Happy! Thank You 

​Advantage RV Roofing


Ed Roberson, Middletown Ohio 

We had roof damage from a storm, it was pretty extensive. Class A Motor Coach. We took it to Advantage and they gave us a brand new roof. We are relieved knowing we don't have to worry about it anymore. with the warranty in place. They worked with our insurance company and we got it done. Very happy with their service. 

                                              John Green, Hillsboro Ohio

My roof was black and chalking. They came and coated the roof. It looks brand new. 

Ten year warranty included. My neighbor are jealous. I am happy!


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* Hillsboro Ohio  

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                                        Troy Thacker, Wellston Ohio 

We have a class C motorhome. I had it at a dealer for repairs, it didnt get fixed. Both the roof and interior above the cab had to be repaired. They coated the rood and then they reinstalled wood and carpet refinishing the inside. They did it to my specifications and it looked showroom new. My boys were thrilled with the extras they included. We did have a minor problem and Bryant promptly took care of it. We could finally use our rv after we had Advantage RV Roofing do the job!